What lies beneath?

By: Kirsty

Jan 16 2010

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Category: bush magic, Daily Photos


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

Shadow dance

Interestingly, my attempts to upload this image have met with a random, chaotic, inexplicable bug that just won’t let me do it!

Ah, that’s better! I had just about decided to post without a picture and let you guess what it might have looked like! I wanted to say something ‘deep’ about the symbolism of this image, about how maybe the dark and shadowy aspects of life are only visible when we look at the surface of things, and about what might happen if we go just a bit deeper … and before you know it I was lost in the shadows myself (in this case that dark sludgy place where I am ready to slaughter all the b***ards who invented technology and failed to make sure it worked perfectly at all times).

Having been put firmly in my place I will not bother trying to write about the deep – it is, after all, a mystery!

3 comments on “What lies beneath?”

  1. I am really drawn to the abstract quality of this, Kirsty. I like your take on it being “the deep”, but also see this as an image illustrating toxic waste (oil?). Just a thought.

  2. I guess it does look a bit oily, though that would never have occurred to me because the place where it was taken is actually an incredibly clean mountain stream. Your comment has got me looking at the image with fresher more innocent eyes!

  3. That may be the reason why abstracts are so wonderful. I often play around looking at them from all different angles and try to perceive them all different ways. I love theidea that some things we think are worthless another one thinks is a treasure. This photo is priceless because it is so thought provoking and able to pull us in all different directions. Thank-you for sharing it!

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