creative momentum

By: Kirsty

Jan 24 2010

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Category: Daily Photos, little things

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

sunflower magic

Sunflower magic

Lately I have been learning about momentum. Simply put, what I have learned so far is that without it we don’t get far. I have always been better at starting things than finishing them. This blog represents a turning point in my approach. I can feel already that it is giving me the momentum I need to move forward with my work. It has inspired me to pay more attention to my personal photography and to shoot for fun. The work I have posted so far is a bit like doing scales, chords and arpeggios. As every musician knows it is practice that makes them good at what they do. It’s the same with photography, with anything really. I have been trying to get a really good shot of a bee, but so far have only managed this sunflower. Bees will follow!

One comment on “creative momentum”

  1. I am learning the same thing. The blogging has helped me to be more productive and more creative, at the same time. I am learning from others and seeing neat things others do.
    This sunflower looks as though you caught it snapping open. There is an element of movement to it. Those darn bees move faster. lol

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