unplanned obsolesence

By: Kirsty

Feb 03 2010

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Category: Daily Photos, human constructs


Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

Dr Who and the Three Musketeers

I passed this scene on the road today. In the middle of a paddock full of ancient machinery (mostly rusty farm equipment) one old phone box and three discarded petrol pumps. They seemed to me to have personalities. It was a poignant and at the same time comic scene. These are objects I have taken for granted my whole life, but I was reminded how much and how quickly the world has changed. They will soon be obsolete. I bet someone turns them into quaint object d’art, or they might just rust and rot until they are gone. Either way, may they rest in peace.

4 comments on “unplanned obsolesence”

  1. Love it. They look expectantly contemplative…

  2. So true. Perhaps they are contemplating their fate.

  3. Cool photo, Kirsty. Brings back memories for me. These items have quickly been vanishing here. There was a small gas station that I would pass on my way to visit my son and it used to warm me inside with nostalgia from my youth. The last time I visited, whoever owns it had dismantled the pumps and removed signs. It is but a shell, now. I imagine the building will be going soon. They do look like personalities.

    • So many small gas (we call it petrol) stations have closed down here – the big supermarket chains have put them out of business. They’ll all be out of business soon I guess. Replaced by battery exchange stations (that wouldn’t be so bad!) I find it fascinating how something that once seemed so ordinary takes on a romantic tone when it is old. We humans are sentimental creatures aren’t we?

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