serendipity and the bag lady

By: Kirsty

Feb 10 2010

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I have typed the title of this blog (serendipity) because it is one of my favourite words. These days ‘synchronicity’ is a more popular term, but there’s something about ‘serendipity’ that implies magic and faeries. It brings to mind the happy accident rather than serious Jungian psychology. I can almost hear joyful little sprites giggling in dark corners as they watch events unfold. So I don’t know what the rest of this post will be … yet. I will let serendipitous events dictate the outcome …      [save draft]

… and return a day later to report any number of serendipitous experiences since I started this post! Too many to mention. So many that I feel bold enough to suggest this might be normal! Rather than having to search for an example of  magic in my life, I am finding it hard to decide which one to use!

So for anyone else that loves faeries, and refuses to stop believing in them, I’d like you to meet Karen. This lovely woman is an example of two serendipitous experiences in one. Double serendipity! Last Sunday was the Healesville monthly market. I just happened to be house-sitting for friends in Healesville, so decided to go. I wanted to buy a new bag – the one I was using has little corners and holes in which I’m sure there are trickster faeries that borrow important things from me, sometimes for days. Right in the middle of the market I met Karen. As you can see she was selling bags. Beautifully hand-made, clever and unique bags. Made from recycled fabric, each one lovingly assembled, with its own character. My only problem was choosing!

So why is this doubly serendipitous? Because I have just decided to start a new blog specifically documenting innovative actions people are taking to nourish our planet and its people. She and her partner, who have only recently started this business, are exactly the sort of people I want to write about. So keep a lookout for my new blog when I get it up. Karen will be my first story!

4 comments on “serendipity and the bag lady”

  1. Those are such “cool” bags! Well, did you buy one? What did you choose? I recently found handmade purses made from men’s ties and had to purchase several for gifts. Needless to say, they were a hit with the recipients. Will look forward to your new blog.

  2. Yes I did buy one Leslie. It has a beautiful picture of an owl on it and says ‘WILDLIFE OR WOODCHIPS’ and ‘Protect wildlife, save forests’ as well as little labels that say ‘trees are the lungs of the earth’ and ‘walk in balance’. It is made from a lovely old pale grey woolen blanket with a bright blue lining. I really love it and the love that went onto it. It was such a joy to support this couple who had obviously worked their butts off to create their business.
    The tie purses sound delightful. My daughter did a project at school last year were she made several tie dresses. They are a wonderful material to work with.

  3. They are indeed clever and unique – and I am the proud owner of two of them. Karen and Rod are tackling the challenge of their new venture with tenacity and enthusiasm, and creating a product which highlights their passion for the health and longevity of our planet
    I would also like to share with you an example of magic in my life – Karen is my daughter.

    • How lovely to hear from you Katharine. Yes, I would have to agree, she’s a pretty magical woman! I was so impressed by the enormous creative energy and love they have put into this venture. I wish them great success. The more that individuals act in favour of our beautiful planet the more ‘normal’ this becomes. I see people like your daughter as the real hope for the future. idealism alone can’t do much. It also takes action, persistence and commitment, all of which Karen and Rod obviously have in bucket loads!

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