a wandering minstrel comes to Warburton and drops a pebble in our pond!

By: Kirsty

Mar 04 2010

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Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

beneath the surface of things

Last Saturday I had an extraordinary experience, so amazing that it has taken me all week to conjure up the courage to write about it. I’m not sure that mere words can do it justice.

As a result of a series of magical events, I had the privilege of being present at an intimate music salon in Warburton. This salon was the creation and gift of Canadian musician Jane Siberry. Jane is a highly respected and brilliantly talented singer, songwriter, poet, bard and performer. She has made ground-breaking decisions in relation to her work. This tour is a series of intimate performances without promoters, commercial venues, or any of the trappings of the music world money machine. Instead she performs to groups of no more than about 40 people, in small places, with minimal equipment. Adults pay a nominal charge. Children and teenagers are invited to attend for free. She asks that they bring her a poem they have written or that they love.

A couple of years ago I attended a K.D. Lang concert at Hamer Hall in Melbourne. This is a relatively small venue, only holding a few thousand people. It was wonderful to be there. In one song (Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’) I was moved to tears. She sang with such open-hearted honesty that I felt a deep connection to the music, and the experience was of pure joy. This was the pinnacle of the evening for me and I went home well satisfied.

Last Saturday, sitting in ‘The Red House’ (usually used for yoga classes), the evening started at the level of intimacy that was the pinnacle of my K.D. Lang experience. Jane gifted us with a world-class performance delivered with such honesty, vulnerability and openness that it took my breath away. Her music and her words were witty, wise, engaging and inspiring. To be in such close proximity to an audience requires an extraordinary level of truthfulness.

I bow down to you Jane. Your visit was a life-changing experience for me. You are paving the way for other artists to be brave, to give their creative gift to the world with generosity and confidence, and to trust life to support them in it. You have dropped a pebble in the creative pond of everyone that was there, as I’m sure you do wherever you go.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

5 comments on “a wandering minstrel comes to Warburton and drops a pebble in our pond!”

  1. Beautiful written, Kirsty.

  2. Kirsty – beautifully written

  3. What a beautiful post and thank-you note.

    I am totally drawn into this photograph. It pushes and pulls me. A reflection that neither goes up nor down and describes it is alright just being here and seeing it all! Thank-you for that simple pleasure.

  4. What a joyful experience, conveyed perfectly. Not only is your photography exquisite, so is your writing. Here, the photograph which illustrates your words works so well together. Thank you Kirsty for sharing both with us!

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