the creative urge

Richard’s gate

Yesterday I visited talented local artist Margaret McLoughlin. Margaret and her husband Richard live on a hillside in Steel’s Creek, near Yarra Glen. The Black Saturday fires came right up to their house. Many neighbouring properties were destroyed by the fires, and some of their neighbours died. The area was badly affected, and the McLoughlin’s are constantly reminded how fortunate they are to have survived and to have saved their home.

I will write about Margaret soon. Today’s post is about Margaret and Richard’s new gate. Richard has been extremely busy since I last visited them. The gate you see here is made from metal relics salvaged from the fires. These tools and other bits and pieces were no longer useable, so Richard gave them a whole new life. What a delightful, creative, unique memorial! So much more constructive than just sitting in the inevitable sadness that such a devastating experience brings. All sorts of interesting little creatures and characters inhabit the gate.

I can really understand Richard’s urge to create something beautiful. It’s a powerful thing to do in the face of tragedy. I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating this lovely work of art.

2 comments on “the creative urge”

  1. Incredible post, Kirsty. We have an artist that sculpts from metal, here, and they are phenomenal. The fact that these items are salvaged relics makes the creations even more special and meaningful. YAY, Richard!

  2. What a gem, Kirsty! Way to turn a travesty into art! Kudos to Richard.

    I’ll start looking into a macro for my D90, maybe before I go to Kauai in a little over a month!

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