everlasting beauty

By: Kirsty

Mar 23 2010

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

everlasting beauty

Beauty, in our society’s view of it, is so fleeting. Now that my youth is well behind me, I notice the fresh beauty of young people in a very different way. There is a poignancy about it that I find touching. For many of us the times in our lives when we look the most radiant and lovely are also the times when we feel the most ugly.

I remember how I felt as a teenager – awkward and embarrassed and strange in my newly acquired woman’s body, still half child, unsure of how to be with myself. Now, when I see photographs of the teenage me, I experience the same soft new beauty that I see in the young people around me. Oh, that I should have known about it then!

It is my fervent wish that today’s teenagers hear how beautiful they really are. Not just their bodies but their spirits as well. The other side of the irony is this. Though in the conventional understanding of the word my physical beauty has faded, I experience myself as far more beautiful now than I did when I was  a fresh-faced young girl. In the depths of life and love I have found a beauty that never dies.

I post these glorious everlasting daisies in tribute to the eternal beauty in all of us.

7 comments on “everlasting beauty”

  1. Lovely post – and so true. And you know no teenager will take no notice Kirsty. We never appreciate our beauty , we are so busy focucing on the odd pimple. Looking back my best age was around 30 – how gorgeous was I? I appreciate the stuff I got away with these days – the best is yet to come! Never lose optimism!
    ps very unfair the kind of make up that is being improved on by the hour – most unfair indeed! It should have been available all a long

  2. Yes, so true. One of the beautiful things about life is the irony of these things. I know what you mean about getting away with things though. 🙂 Personally I would not be a teenager again if you paid me (well maybe just for a day or two).

  3. Well said, and well photographed. I find it interesting that you and I were on our bellies today (for me — your yesterday on the other side of the world) photographing the smaller and colorful wonders of our worlds.

  4. So we were Kate. How delightful!

  5. As you know, I don’t think myself any great beauty. But sometimes, just sometimes, I think “Wow, how young am I? How awesomely easy is it to move around, and how fantastically wrinkle free is my skin?” and I know I will miss it when it’s gone.

  6. Kirsty, I always feel peaceful after reading your blog – I know that sounds silly, but I couldnt think of any other word.
    Yes, we never appreciate what we have when we’re young – I look at myself and just wonder where this present person came from, when I wasnt paying attention !

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