photography is visual music (#4)

By: Kirsty

Apr 05 2010

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Category: bush magic, creatures, Daily Photos, On Photography


Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

the singing tree

It’s easy to feel the vibrations in music. It’s a physical experience. Music resonates through us, and the combination and qualities of its vibration produce harmony or discord. Music can evoke emotion so easily, and although it is a subtle and complex process, in a way it is very simple. It is all about vibration. The wavelengths of sound are relatively slow. Light vibrates much faster, has shorter wavelengths, and speaks to a different organ (eye not ear). It’s easy to forget that our visual experience is also vibrational. A photograph captures and relays a unique combination of wavelengths in the same way that music does. It is also possible to evoke emotion through these faster vibrations.

Creating music and creating photographs – two skills that take a long time to master – are essentially the same. Communication through vibration. So the next time you take a photograph, consider what song you would like it to sing!

7 comments on “photography is visual music (#4)”

  1. ‘I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too…….’

    When I paint with Acrylics, I also pulse a vibration of color…..bright!
    When I sing A Capella, I feel the pulse and the rubs of notes and cords.
    When I speak of Love…..I send out a special vibration…….Love is everything!
    Love , Light, and Joy, Marie.

  2. Nice! I’ll try to remember to “see” the song that each image invokes! What wonderful imagery, Kirsty!

  3. Beautifully stated, Kirsty. I had a teacher that told us , “ make an image sing. Now, that’s an accomplishment.” You bring back a memory. Thank-you.

  4. Yes, spot on Kirsty! This photo does vibrate musically. The sillouette of the leaves against the varying blue of the sky seem to ripple and quiver. This also puts me in mind of Arabic or Islamic fretwork patterns. Quite lovely to see and beautifully observed!

  5. Your picture knocked my socks off.

    we’re all blank shadows
    waiting for understanding
    to call us by name

    I love Your words as well. Thank You! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

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