truth and freedom

By: Kirsty

Apr 20 2010

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Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II


I have been absent from my blog for a little while. I have been on an inward journey. This blog is all about flying free, and exploring my inner landscape has been a vital step in reclaiming my freedom. I won’t go into the gory details. I have been fortunate to have the support of an extraordinarily intuitive and persistent person. The outcome of that supported journey has been much deeper insight into my own behaviour, the effect I have on others, the ways in which I delude myself about my experiences, and the ways I sabotage myself when I would love to create something in my life.

If you ever get the feeling that the same things keep happening to you again and again, you may be right. It seems we all have a hidden agenda, designed to prove the things we believe about life. I have been humbled, amazed and even amused by the truths I have discovered about my own game. Life will never be quite the same again. I don’t claim anything as the ultimate truth, but it’s my experience that we are all connected, and that one of the ways we are served by others is that they can act as a mirror to show us the things we have not yet accepted in ourselves. Our journey through life gives us many opportunities to own up to aspects of ourselves that we have denied. If I find myself judging someone else harshly, I can be pretty sure that there is somewhere in my life that this judgement applies to me.

There is a lot of shallow, formulaic advice around about how to ‘become more conscious’, ‘raise our vibration’, ‘create our reality’ and other such New Age banter. In my experience none of this means anything without a dedication to the total truth. The road to truth is always a private journey. Regardless of the support we receive, we are the only ones who will know if we have uncovered a truth in our lives.

I wish you all a smooth journey to your own truth.

12 comments on “truth and freedom”

  1. I don’t know that any inner journey is ever smooth, but it certainly is valuable and worth the effort.

  2. yes Kate, you have a point there!

  3. Most of us skate along through life without looking inward at all – a friend of mine once said ‘your mind’s a scary place, dont go there !’ . Being honest with ourselves is hard, but it’s liberating – and you’re right, WE KNOW what we’re doing, even if we dont vocalise any of it. In a way it makes me more selfish as I know what I dont have to put up with in life, and have the confidence/courage to deal with it (in the nicest possible way of course ) ! Mind you it could just be about age also !
    On a visual note – I absolutely love the singing tree and this latest image, such atmosphere – they could be etchings or woodblock prints !!

    • wow, thanks Tania for the comment about these images. I have wanted to learn photogravure and etching for a long time. If I ever get the chance I will remember to try these images out.

  4. I want to know how you did the black in this photo. Photoshop on this? It’s gorgeous!

    The journey. I wish I knew, then, what I don’t know now and maybe my earlier years could have been a little more smooth. I’m sure I will be making this same statement again. I believe we are constantly learning our truth.

  5. Ah Leslie, I am proud to say that this image has only had the tiniest bit of adjustment in photoshop. Because the moon is so bright compared to everything else, I used the dodge tool (set to ‘dodge highlights’) to lighten the area round the trees ever so slightly. Also, I always shoot in RAW format, enabling me to adjust many things later. Most professional photographers use this format for everything. It creates the digital equivalent of a negative that you can play with later (just as we once did in the darkroom but more flexible and more comfortable!) In the original shot the moon was much brighter, with no visible texture. I have reduced the exposure levels in Camera RAW to get the detail.

  6. oh, and in response to your comments about truth all I can say is, you are one wise woman!

  7. A lovely post Kirsty and a lovely photo to go with it. I too have found out quite a lot recently on my own journey and recognise the truth in your words. We are indeed all connected. I believe that if you look into the past (tracing your ancestors, not living in the past) you will get a lot of clues about what will happen in your future. History does indeed repeat itself, I think there is an inner agender.

  8. BTW, Kirsty – I really, really love this shot!

  9. Thanks Lynda and Kate for visiting and for your encouraging feedback. The post came before the image, which I chose because it had an appropriate feel. Having got such lovely feedback, I will see if there’s some way I can use this image in my work.

  10. I love this photo – and your reflections – all the best on your journey, the flying

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