I don’t want no part of this crazy love …

By: Kirsty

May 20 2010

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Category: bush magic, Daily Photos, extraordinary things


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II


As usual, I come to this blog with no idea of what I will write. This photograph popped out as I browsed my files. The image rings a deep, resonant bell in my consciousness. This is actually a beautiful tree in a rainforest near Brisbane, but I can’t look at the photograph without engaging with the face I imagine there – crooked teeth, eye poked out, distorted and a little frightening. It speaks to me of assumptions and associations I make automatically, and how often I think I know what I am seeing.

It’s interesting how I do this with people. I have my story about them. I see them filtered through that story.

All week the Paul Simon song ‘Crazy Love’ has been running through my mind …

Fat Charlie the Archangel
Sloped into the room
He said I have no opinion about this
And I have no opinion about that …

I ask myself, as I interpret what is going on around me, to just imagine for a moment that I have no opinion about it.

It’s a very different world.

17 comments on “I don’t want no part of this crazy love …”

  1. likelikelike

  2. How very fun and crazy! It is a face! Is it fairly large, Kirsty? Do you recall? Or was it something you had to look for? The way it is photographed looks as though it is fairly prominent. Wonderful discovery.

  3. Wow, thats amazing, is it manipulated in any way? I like that you say ‘the face imagine there’ as if it is purely subjective – that faces leaps out like a goblin in the night as far as I’m concerned! And its fantastically freakish…

  4. I love this photo, Kirsty. I often see faces in the wood of trees.

    Love it.

  5. I love simulacre Kirsty – it’s one of my favorite things! I often see the human form in trees. This wonderful photograph looks like one of my Bog bodies! I love the way the human eye always tries to make sense of an alien image.
    That’s it – you’ve inspired me now for my next post! (simulacre or another preserved body….mmmm) thanks Kirsty!

  6. […] simulacra that I am interested in is an imitation of a recognised reality in nature.  See kirstyfliesfree ‘s wonderful photograph to see how this works in nature.  Trees in particular lend their form to the human body shape. […]

  7. Great photos Kristy! Glad that Lynda is helping share with us. The image she features of your figure/tree amalgam is wonderful!!

  8. Great! thank you both! I hope to interview everyone on my blog roll (if they’re agreeable to it)

  9. great picture – looks like a nightmare

  10. Scary face in the tree. And I liked your quote from the song. I wonder what my life would be like if I had no opinion about this or that! : )

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