Photography #6 – there’s always something going on

By: Kirsty

May 27 2010

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Category: bush magic, Daily Photos, human constructs, On Photography


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

eagle’s nest

Mountains surround the tiny town of Warburton. Ever present and ever changing, they weave their magic on anyone who visits.  As with all potential photographic subjects there are times when they grab your attention and times when they are just a back drop, easily overlooked.

The other day, while getting petrol (gas) at our local servo (gas station), I looked across at the hardware shop. I love this weather vane that sits askew on top of the old building. I have wanted to photograph it, but it never looked quite right. This time the clouds lined themselves up perfectly. My camera was in the boot. I couldn’t resist. Even when the light and the landscape seem less than spectacular there is always something going on.

16 comments on “Photography #6 – there’s always something going on”

  1. That spot of cloud is a perfect backdrop for your weather vane, Kirsty! Excellent shot! I would like to see it in B&W with high contrast, too.

    What is a photographer like yourself carrying your camera in the boot? Mine is ALWAYS on the passenger seat, and when I get out of the car, I have an old, dirty, well-used shopping bag I put it in, so it won’t be stolen. It helps that I keep my guard dogs in the Jeep and that my Jeep is old, dirty, and well-used also. No one would ever expect that I carry thousands of dollars worth of photographic equipment in it! LOL

    • lol – I have a hatchback so the boot’s pretty easy. If the camera was on the seat I would be too tempted to grab it while driving along!
      I did try it in B&W but thought it was too flat, and in the end settled for desaturating the foreground and keeping colour in the background. I haven’t played with high contrast though, I will give it a try.

  2. Yup, I’ve been know to SWD! At least I shoot “wild” and don’t put the camera up to my eye!

    I’ve been doing some shooting original in b&w – which I finally discovered I could do w/ my digital (yeah, I’m slow). Shooting B&W in raw helps the “flatness” obtained with desaturation, I am finding – but I have just begun to experiment, so all still new.

    • I would love to see some of your results.
      SWD lol! When I first studied photography I kept mentally framing everything I saw. It took me years to train myself to maintain my peripheral vision while driving.

  3. I don’t understand a word of your and Kate’s photo talk but have decided I like this just because I know that bird is the one keeping that wether vane on the roof! Wonderful photo!

  4. just perfect how that small wisp of a cloud frames the weathervane. great capture!

  5. That cloud looks like it’s exploded and knocked the vane out of kilter! A super shot Kirsty – I don’t know how you do it (but I’m glad you do:) )

  6. Sweet shot, Henri Cartier-Bresson would approve.

  7. Great shot! I like how it looks like the whole weather vane is pointing instead of just the arrow part!

  8. I very impressed that you managed to turn a scene from the humble servo into that of a classic martial good-fights-evil film from the highlands in China (well, to me you did…!)

    • thanks ms two shoes. Now that you’ve suggested it I see it too. And congratulations – you just posted the 300th comment on this blog, which makes you the winner of my undying gratitude!

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