autumn winds

By: Kirsty

Jun 05 2010

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Category: Daily Photos


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

As the cold weather settles in, life slows down. We become more introverted and contained. The days get shorter. Winter solstice approaches. It is a time of letting go of the old and making way for the new. These chilly winds have their purpose. They will blow out the cobwebs of outmoded habits. They will drive us indoors to gather around fires. We will converse quietly, conserve energy, and renew ourselves ready for the spring.

17 comments on “autumn winds”

  1. this is a beautiful image

  2. Such grace and beauty in those leaves Kirsty, those fragile leaves trying to cling on. Very well captured!

  3. Perfect symbolism for the coming of winter in this autumn photograph – the leaves changed, clinging until the last moment. And for me, this time does herald in the introspective nature of winter – the slowing down, hybernating, conserving energy. I follow the clues of winter, and spend autumn preparing for that quiet time. Perfect photograph to illustrate this aspect of nature. Well done, Kirsty

    • Absolutely Kate. It’s a lovely feeling when I give myself permission to respond to the rhythms of the seasons. It’s much easier to do here in a small town. I grew up in the city and didn’t really learn it till I moved to the country.

  4. Sweet photo Kirsty. We are just heading into summer and I am already looking forward to autumn.

  5. I’m loving the Hibernating season. Fire on, a pen and paper, a bookshelf of books -see you in spring – well except for the occasional coffee with freinds, oh of course i should take the kids to school but besides that….

    Kirsty you are a remarkable catcher of light.

  6. I’ll have to come and look at this photo every once in a while to remind myself that it won’t be a zillion degrees here forever. Summer’s almost here and the temperatures are already too hot.

    Great fall photo.

  7. Kirsty, I ditto everything said above. This is a wonderful photo of leaves hanging on till the last minute. What is the background? I am so curious that I have to know as I don’t think I’ve seen you do this before. I want to think that it is snow, but the even lines above tell me it may be something different. Is the background in black and white?

    • It’s a much simpler answer than you might think 🙂 The background is the outer wall of a trendy winery in Healesville called ‘The Innocent Bystander’. It is dark grey with the light grey abstract pattern that you see here painted on it. I have used a shallow depth of field to knock it a bit out of focus, but otherwise it is a true rendition of the actual scene.

  8. I love that there is both movement, and stillness in this shot, and that it captures all the colours that are coming to life around us as we come into winter

  9. I was wondering the same thing as Leslie, but I see you already answered her question. I would assume you would call that bokeh….but so unusual. Very nice!

    Have a reflective winter! 🙂

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