Peter Dombrovskis

By: Kirsty

Jun 26 2010

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Category: bush magic, Daily Photos


Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

This is one of my favourite photographs from my recent trip to Queensland. Looking at it reminds me of one of my heros – Peter Dombrovskis – and of the huge influence he has had on me. I was a student in photography when he was producing wonderful landscapes of Tasmania. Arguably his most famous image was ‘Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River, Tasmania’ (here). In 1983 this photograph appeared on billboards all over Australia as part of a campaign to stop the Tasmanian Government from building a dam on the Franklin River. The campaign was successful, in no small part due to the beauty conveyed in this wonderful image. Dombrovskis loved the Tasmanian wilderness, and that love resonated in his work. Tragically, he died there. He was almost the same age then as I am now, so it is a timely reminder to me to make the most of my little stint on this beautiful planet.

13 comments on “Peter Dombrovskis”

  1. Beauty in simplicity….

  2. I have seen his photo before, but didn’t know who shot it. Sounded like he was a great chap. I love your shot btw.

    • he was the first Aussie to be inducted (posthumously) into the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. Check out his work some time FJ, I reckon you’d love it. He shot everything on a large format camera (5×4). God knows how he managed to carry one of those things into such wild places!

  3. If I’ve seen a tree that looks like this, I don’t remember it! I love it’s roots hanging on for dear life and it actually looks like it is dancing. Beautiful depth to this picture.

    • I see what you mean about the dancing. It was a very low tide when I took the photograph. It is a mangrove tree. These grow in salt water in tropical coastal areas. They are a ‘protected’ species as they are a vital part of these ecosystems. I think they are fascinating plants.

  4. Wonderful picture Kirsty! That tree almost looks like it walking! I love the way the two conjoined branches make a frame, creating a beautiful vista! I will certainly be checking out Peter Dombrovskis work now – thanks!

    • When you look into Dombrovskis you’ll probably see why the photo reminds me of him. He was one of the first photographers to work with the interplay of foreground and background in the landscape. He was a master at it. He often shot landscapes in portrait format. He made this idea popular as well.

  5. Just beautiful. What a beauty! Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us!

  6. Wow, what a fantastic photo. Makes me want to go there.

  7. I really enjoyed the blurb for this pic Kirsty, the Franklin River campaign was really one of the most exciting enviro campaigns we have had here. What is it about Tassie folk and all that passion?!

    Loved yr pic too, reminds me of a ‘tree person’

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