By: Kirsty

Jul 04 2010

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Category: Daily Photos, On Photography, skies


Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

This post is for Leslie White.

I recently mentioned to Leslie that it is possible to create duotones in Photoshop. She was surprised. This is a slightly over the top example of a duotone. The colours used here are bright red and bright blue. Strictly speaking it is a tritone, because there is some black in the shadow areas to give it contrast. Each colour can be adjusted across the tones. There is a lovely graph that can be manipulated in the settings. I played around with this until the image began to look a little solarized. I don’t often use the more ‘in your face’ features of photoshop. I used to teach photoshop to young adults. This really put me off filters and any sort of extreme manipulation of images.

In the early days of my love affair with photography, BC (before computer), the only way to solarize an image was to turn the light on very briefly in the darkroom before the print was fixed. The results were quite random and unpredictable. Photography has come a long way in the last 20 years!

I was reminded of duotones when Leslie sent me a link to her blog. I love this painting. Click here to see it. My next challenge will be to create a photographic equivalent to Leslie’s painting that has two colours, each represented independently of the other.

Thanks for inspiring me Leslie.

15 comments on “fantasyland”

  1. That’s really nice Kirsty – it has a magical feel to it! I love playing around in photoshop myself (and usually go over the top:))
    I will check out your inspiration – via Leslie!

  2. Wow! Thank-you so much! This is beautiful! It has a silky feel to it, more enhanced by that dark red tone. I actually want to run my fingers along the sky and down the tree trunk. I have learned so much from you and Kate and Laurie and “Y”. You all create art with the camera and it is beautiful!

  3. Leslie is right, this one begs to be touched, to feel the “silky” texture. What a wonderful tribute to Leslie, too, you teaches all so many things about art. Great job – now I gotta go to the link to see what I’ve missed at Leslie’s the last few days!

  4. PS, that “you” after too is supposed to be “who.”

  5. Cool effect Kirsty. It doesn’t work for many images, but works on this one. 😉

  6. I enjoyed your little reflection on photography pre and post BC! Both worlds remain quite alien to me and I remain a gleeful spectator.
    This one is magical, and I love how the light seems to bounce right off that tree

  7. Thanks Ruby. I must admit, even the original image has a bit of magic in it. 🙂

  8. Oooh, Lucky Leslie to have a post all her own from you. Don’t know about photoshop, but do know that this is one beautiful photo. I love the ripples in the sky and the ripples down the tree trunk.

  9. very nicely done!

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