sail away, sail away, sail away

By: Kirsty

Jul 10 2010

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

Australia has a new PM. It’s a woman, our first.  She didn’t get voted in, though it looks like we’ll get a chance to vote for or against her soon. The alternative is a guy with ears like jug handles who likes being photographed in his speedos (not a pretty sight).

Yesterday the top news on all our commercial TV stations was that someone threw an egg at her. It didn’t hit her, just landed on the ground.

This while our oceans are dying? This is the major news item of the day? We have also had some discussion about whether she should be given a wardrobe allowance. Cutting edge journalism.

As you may have guessed I’m REALLY annoyed by all this, and that’s an understatement.

If I knew how to sail I would get on this boat and sail away, while there is still some clean ocean to sail on.

13 comments on “sail away, sail away, sail away”

  1. Just don’t go into the Gulf of Mexico right now, Kirsty. I’m inclined to agree with you about what is news worthy. Most of the people I know are not impressed with the media and their selection of how to represent the news and what is worthy to report. Your photo is breathtaking and the depth and vastness of a large body of water comes through loud and clear with it. Is this heaven?

    • Thanks Leslie. I wish we could just cordon off the Gulf of Mexico and pretend it wasn’t connected to all the other oceans in the world, and that 40% of migratory birds aren’t about to pass by there with horrendous consequences. Within the year this will be everyone’s problem.
      The ocean is awe-inspiring isn’t it? What a shame so many of us no longer notice these things.

  2. Sweet image, Kirsty. I love the monotone feel of it – and the vastness. Yeah, news sucks. What TPTB choose to report is bunk.

  3. what irked me this past week was hear that BP decided to reimburse $3,400.00 for a cancelled vacation rental even though thousands of unemployed workers haven’t received any compensation because of their mess.

  4. The freedom of that ocean Kirsty! Beautiful picture – who wouldn’t want to sail away on this! These people begger belief, so caught up in the nets of the own trivia, one day it will strangle them. Unfortunately, some people are more interested in a strangers wardrobe and others dirty washing than larger issues. The media could do so much to highlight, but takes the easier head in the sand /opium for the masses way.

    • I really wonder if the press have any freedom these days. There must still be journalists wanting to report on issues that matter, but can they do this through mainstream media? It doesn’t seem so.

  5. I hear you Kirsty. We treat our oceans like a friggin ATM. Honestly, bloggers are the only ones doing journalism anymore.

  6. Ah, well, according to some *cutting edge* journalism on Channel Ten, you might want to avoid that big rubbish dump that the size of the NT that is reportedly floating around in the Pacific Ocean!
    Its great a story like this has made the news, despite it being well over due, but unfortunately it had less to do with cutting edge journalism than gimmicks of the desperate (a man is swimming thru it to highlight the problem)

    Anyway, lovely photo, it is always refreshing to open your page

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