wrong again!

By: Kirsty

Aug 28 2010

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Category: bush magic, Daily Photos, extraordinary things


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS-1D Mark II

Two days after photographing hopeful spring blossoms I went for an early morning walk, only to discover a light sprinkling of snow on the nearby hills. It doesn’t look much like spring now, does it?

This experience is an interesting parallel of our national political landscape. For those of you who know nothing about Australian politics (by which I mean anyone who doesn’t live here) we have just effectively voted against everyone! Australians have finally voiced our distaste for politicians by refusing to elect. For the first time in a long time I am feeling a touch of national pride. Nobody is quite sure what to do because nobody won and the only way anyone can govern is if they agree to agree with someone they don’t agree with (if you get my drift). We don’t know what season it is, and we don’t know who is running the country. And, at least among my friends and acquaintances, nobody seems to care!

8 comments on “wrong again!”

  1. Interesting that no one got enough votes – as is the weather. We have had the same thing in the past, where Spring couldn’t make up its mind. Like the shot, too, Kirsty!

    • It is a strange situation, and poetic! The two major parties got pretty much the same votes each, neither has enough to run things without agreement from a number of independent candidates who are now holding the cards. The ‘Greens’ (yes they are what they seem to be) did very well too and are in a much more powerful position.

  2. Wow. Keep us posted as to how it goes with no leader.
    Sounds like you are playing the waiting game on spring. Photo passes on the feeling of a cold day. I almost thought you were going to tell me that the branch in the foreground was the one you snapped a shot of the other day in bloom. Good post, Kirsty.

    • Hi Leslie,
      we still don’t know who our leader will be but hey, guess what, life goes on! I’m sure there are a few politicians who are disappointed to discover this 🙂

  3. Haha, that was the most succinct and entertaining sum up of the election debacle I have heard to date!

    Spring, she is illusive….

  4. O I like this situation–no one won–ha–no politician got their way. Now I wonder if we could pull that off in the states? I find this very very intriguing.
    Like the photograph very much, Kirsty. Hi.

    • We have a ‘Westminster’ system here (like England) which makes it easier to have no one win. I think the closest you could get would be having a president from one side of politics but a congress that has a majority from the other side (can that happen?). Anyway it’s a joy to watch the confused look on their faces. They might actually have to govern now! And be respectful of each others opinions!

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